Jr Muay Thai Fight Camp

This Camp will run From July 8- 24 every weekday, 9am -12pm

*840am-Get to the gym to prepare

*9am sharp- 5 km run (rain or shine)

*10am on- 5 rounds Pad work with instructor, 5 rounds guided bagwork, sparring and     clinch rounds to follow.

all in preparation for the WKA Nationals Tournament July 26-28.

please contact Kru Derek if you are interested in fight camp. Those who are not competing but still want to be a part of the action need to email me first before signing up. Open to people from other Arashido schools as well. This camp is not for beginners. ages 8-14.

Cost for the entire camp is $399+GST (payment through paypal, credit or cash).

*bring running shoes , water bottles, changes of clothes in case of rain, all gear including mouth-guard, handwraps, skipping ropes (we have some) and a small snack if you need.